We are engaged in the purchase / sale of any cryptocurrency for cash in any volume. Transactions take place in an office in the center of Tbilisi, in bank branches, with the departure of a courier. We will top up your TBC and BoG cards via paybox.


To avoid asking this question when everything has already happened, act strategically: calculate the steps ahead. Under all conditions and circumstances, there are alternative ways out of dead-end situations. Practice shows that assistance with cryptocurrency transactions is in demand and necessary at certain points in Georgia.

Depending on the task at hand, the situation on the cryptocurrency market, force majeure situations, taking into account global trends, the main strategies for providing services with cryptocurrency can be defined.

Availability strategy

Transactions to buy and sell any cryptocurrency are made in the offices – in the central districts of Tbilisi. For cash and in any amount
Also financial transactions are made at bank branches, with delivery by courier in a safe-package

You can refill the cards of TBC Bank (Tbilisi Business Centre Bank) and BOG (Bank of Georgia) through
international payment system paybox, as well as payment for them
In addition to replenishment, payment and transfer by cards of TVS and BOG, as well as by CREDO (IdeaBank) and LIBERTY (Liberty commercial bank of Georgia, which has introduced contactless acquiring of UnionPay system cards is possible.

Mobility strategy

The mobility of the services provided is achieved through a systematic orientation in logistics. Timely monitoring of the voluminous flow of information allows the safest, and most importantly profitable, formation of optimal logistic chains between countries.
The mobility strategy makes it possible to provide cash transfer services from Russia to popular destinations – Georgia, Armenia and Turkey 
It is possible to develop individual routes of financial transfer services for the directions of interest.

Functionality strategy

Exchanging digital currency for square meters or horsepower is what functionality implies. This means real estate and cars are available when you pay with cryptocurrency
Strategies become effective due to the involvement of young and progressive minds from different countries, who are united by a common cause, active life position and cooperation.
If you want, you can visit a crypto-bar. Come in for a coffee and socialize in an atmosphere of crypto-enthusiasts, traders, NFT artists 

You drink coffee, we change crypto.

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